Mystery Box £25.00


Mystery Box



This is a surprise box containing all sorts of beautiful spiders that will be selected by us.

The offer is aimed only at people who enjoy being surprised and having fun!


– How many spiders will I receive in my ‘mystery box’?

Depending on the value of the mystery box selected, its contents will be different each time. In small boxes (worth £15.00 or £25.00), we usually put a few smaller spiders, and if your order concerns a bigger box (worth £50.00, £75.00, £100.00), here we can do a little more to make sure that your surprise box is truly surprising. Aside from small spiders, we can include larger ones as well: usually, we also add some decorations or accessories to those boxes.

Please remember that to make each surprise box a nice surprise, we need you to specify your preferences in the comment section while placing your order. You can say what spiders you already own or which species you like best. Each hint is valuable to us, but even without any tips we will make sure that you are satisfied with your mystery box!