Live Arrival Guarantee applies to shipments within the UK only.



In case of orders sent within the United Kingdom, we always guarantee that you will receive a healthy, living spider. It is extremely rare for a spider not to survive shipping; however, if it does happen, or if you have any other questions or doubts after making your purchase, please contact us immediately and remember to attach a picture serving as evidence of any possible problems.
Our spiders are packed for shipping very carefully, with as much attention as possible. Since they are living creatures, spiders require care so that they can grow up to be large, beautiful, and healthy. Remember that how you take care of your spider is very important – the most significant factors are the right temperature and humidity, as well as – obviously – proper food.

We send spiders also outside the United Kingdom. In this case, again, the spiders are packed as carefully as possible, with multiple layers of insulation in order to protect them from the cold. Please bear in mind that international shipping can carry more risks. Despite our best intentions and professional packaging, it is beyond our knowledge what happens to your order after it has been posted; therefore, in this case, we cannot guarantee live arrivals.
Before purchasing any living animals from our shop, please make sure that these species are legal to keep as pets in your home country.
Years of extensive experience have allowed us to limit the number of unfortunate developments. Of course, you can always track your order, as we send tracking numbers for each shipped package. As a result of our attention to detail and careful preparation of orders for shipping, today we have a number of satisfied Customers from all around the world, who are always happy to come back to us. After receiving your order, please let us know if your spider has arrived alive and well, beautiful and healthy – such feedback is very important, as your satisfaction is of great significance to us. Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you at any time.